The first and only LIPNO ICE MARATHON – February 13, 2016


    The Lipno Ice Marathon is an extreme race on snow and ice for those who want to prove themselves in the toughest conditions. The air temperature drops to -20 ° C, the altitude at the race location is 729 meters above sea level and the unpaved terrain consists of ice and snow. All this characterizes the first Lipno Ice Marathon that will be held on February 13, 2016 at the Campsite Jestřábí in Černá v Pošumaví.

    The Lipno Ice Marathon is exceptional. It is not enough just to be able to run and to endure the traditional marathon distance of 42,195 km. The competitors must also be able to cope with the toughest Czech conditions of frost, ice and snow. A part of the whole competition is also a Half Marathon with the distance of 22 km and a 10-kilometer long track for younger athletes.

     The track leads across the frozen Lipno lake. The longest track leads from Černá v Pošumaví to the village Lipno nad Vltavou, where the track bisects and the competitors run back to the starting point in the campsite Jestřábí. The Half Marathon and Marathon Young Guns have a similar track, which has its turn in the area where the water rescuers are based - in Dolní Vltavice. In case the ice is not stable enough, organizers have an alternative, safe and likewise demanding option.

    The main category is running, as we have mentioned already. Another option – if the weather allows us – is Freestyle. It’s a discipline that involves skates, cross-country skis, kite, ice sailing boat and bicycle. The participant can choose one of the above listed types of equipment or combine them. In the Freestyle discipline everyone who likes doing sports on ice can find the right thing. 

     The question arises on whether the race organizers thought of the participants´ safety. “Throughout the whole track there will be deployed patrol rescuers who will keep all athletes safe. Most of them will be based in Dolni Vltavice led by their commander Milan Bukačka. They are all professionals, who have many years of experience in ice-rescuing." Says the race director Adela Černá. Not even the organizer is a newcomer in this branch. The Sailing Club Jestřábí was the one hosting the European Championship in the Tornado boat class in 2015. So the club has clearly lots of experience with such big events.

     The Lipno Ice Marathon is an excellent preparation for the unique World Race Antarctic Ice Marathon. Now you have the opportunity to prepare for such a demanding race at home, which certainly will be demanding for you, but won’t lighten your wallet. A traditional part of these competitions is also the ability to survive in icy conditions, and therefore the starting fee also includes accommodation in tents near the race. Sleeping in a tent on the snow is, of course, voluntary, and the participant may not do it, but it's part of the race especially for those who take this even seriously!

     The starting fee for the Lipno Ice Marathon includes not only the start and accommodation, as well as refreshments during the race, the final ceremony, entertainment, but even surprises for each participant. The starting fee for the marathon and half marathon is 1200, - CZK. The Young Guns Marathon runners will pay half the price. However, who keeps an eye on promotional offers can save some money. The maximum number of participants who can take part in the race, is set at 800. "To ensure safety, we had to set a limit; therefore the athletes should not hesitate to register. Free places are disappearing quickly, it would be a shame to have missed this unique, and only Bohemian sport event of this kind," the race organizers explain the numerical quotas.

     "For the spectators, fans and families of all participants there will be a lot of fun on the Windy Point beach, an all-day program for children and an evening concert by Move Breakers and also an electro Swing party held by experienced DJs. Not only do the racers have something to look forward to in mid-February. So come and test your stamina! " Adéla Černá challenges you.

     The main partners of extreme race on snow and ice Lipno Ice Marathon are The North Face, South Bohemian Region, Černá v Pošumaví and Kitesport Ltd.

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The first and only LIPNO ICE MARATHON - February 13, 2016

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