Who is the organizer of this race?

The organizer of the race is the Saling Club Jestřábí.
The organization of sports events is not new to these people and they have lot of experience with organizing such large events, such as the European Championships in Tornado boat class in 2015.
The Sailing Club Jestřábí is primarily based on knowledge of the Lipno Lake, because the knowledge of the environment is for this type of race is very important and its people have experienced it not only in summer seasons, but also during winter events on ice, when the Club organized ice sailing boat races and in winter 2013 / 2014 the Sailing Club was the organizer of the international events of ice sailing – The Austrian Championship and the Mitropa Trophy.

We are aware that each sport has its differences, and therefore we invited athletes to help us- runners, triathletes, who give us advice how to organize this kind of race which is unique in the Czech Republic.

I´m not trained enough for the Marathon. Can I participate in any other discipline?

We have prepared two options. The first is the Marathon track with the distance of 42 km. The second option is the 22 km long Half Marathon. Even younger athletes at the age of 14 to 18 years can participate - for them we have prepared a so-called Young Guns Marathon with a distance of 10 km.
You don’t even have to run. You can also attend the race in all distances in the Freestyle category and use skates, skis, a bicycle, a kite or an ice sailing boat.
In this race you have a choice, and the winner is whoever completes the whole track.

Does the race really take place on ice?

The Lipno Ice Marathon is an extreme competition and it is based on doing sports on ice. The competitor must overcome not only the distance but also the tough conditions of the ice surface.

What happens if there is no ice?

We have also thought of this possibility. In case the ice is not safe (thin ice, incoherent freezing, etc.) we will prepare an alternative track for the athletes. Still, the race will be challenging as hell.

Is the track safe? Will someone help if I slip or the ice breaks?

Throughout the track there will be deployed patrol rescuers who are professionals in the icy conditions of the Lipno Lake. These professionals can not only save someone who falls through ice, but also provide first aid. Therefore you don’t have to worry; you'll be in real good hands.

I want to come with my family. Will there be an accompanying program for my family during the race?

You don´t need to leave your biggest fans at home. On the beach Windy Point near the start and finish line, and throughout the whole duration of the race, there will be an accompanying program not only for children but also for adults, including an evening party.

Is accommodation really in the same locality as the race? How about parking?

Accommodation in tents for competitors is included in the starting fee and it’s right at the starting point at the campsite Jestřábí. Other types of accommodation can be also found here. You can park directly at the competition site, the number of parking places near the starting point is limited.

Is it possible to have a shower, change clothes and warm up after the race?

This is an extreme race, therefore a bivouac is included in the starting fee for the real winter conditions. For those who want to be pampered there will be a room where also the afterparty will take place. You can take a shower and change clothes directly near the finishing line. Even the new sanitary facilities will be ready for you. More information can be found here.

Why is the fee 1.200,- CZK/48 EUR for the Marathon and the Half-Marathon?

The price 1200, - CZK/ 48 EUR is not established just for no reason. In addition to the standard claims of organizing a big race it is important to realize also the following points:
Because of running on ice we ensure the complete health and life security of the participants, comprising 52 professional rescuers, including rescue equipment.
The competitors usually need to take a shower and warm up after the race – you can use our heated sanitary facilities, hot showers, but also a place where you can warm up.
We also offer a snack on the track and you can rely on the fact that the drink won’t be frozen...
Joining the afterparty will certainly be worth it because all the participants can have a great time with warm drinks and fun DJ`s playing songs for them.
Finally, the participants will receive a functional seamless cap made of high quality material, which can be very practical for all the athletes.
Don’t forget that the starting fee and accommodation is just for those who consider the Marathon on ice as not only a race but also a challenge!
Moreover, all the information about the race you can find on this web-site and we believe that by logging in and participating in the race you will understand that this is no ordinary Marathon.
Well, if this race isn’t the right thing for you, then you are welcome to join as a volunteer – we’ve prepared rewards even for them!

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