We are looking for volunteers for the Lipno Ice Marathon

Who can become a volunteer for the Lipno Ice Marathon?

  • Anyone related to sport
  • Anyone who does not hesitate to sacrifice their free time and energy for a successful sports event

Why become a volunteer?

  • You will experience the unique atmosphere of an extreme winter race
  • You will get experience with organizing this unique extreme sports event in the Czech Republic
  • You will make new friends and contacts
  • You're part of a team of people who share common experiences, successes, joy, mutual support and trust
  • If you are interested, we offer the possibility of future cooperation in organizing races
  • You can help us improve the quality of the event and provide professional service for participants
  • Our volunteers help to ensure the smooth running of the race and are very important for the sports event

Where can you help?

  • At the starting and the finishing line
  • On the track and turns of the race
  • At refreshment points
  • As an INFO volunteer
  • At the accompanying program at Windy Point
  • And more...

What can you gain by volunteering?

  • Each volunteer will receive an official Lipno Ice Marathon gift and snacks
  • Participation in Friday's only-volunteers race – the Lipno Ice Marathon Volunteers Race- the results will be part of a the final ceremony and the first three volunteers will receive prizes and diplomas
  • Participation at the final afterparty on the Windy Point beach
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