Lipno Ice marathon


An extreme race for those who want to prove
themselves in the toughest conditions.


Air temperature: -20°C

Elevation: 729 m asl

Terrain: ice, snow, unreinforced

Maximum number of participants: 200


Have you ever felt the desire to prove to yourself that you run further, jump higher, get to the end of the world or dive deeper? The first step in our ice marathon is to put on your sneakers and start training. The Lipno Ice Marathon, however, is something special. It is not "only" about being able to run and to endure the traditional marathon distance of 42,195 km. You have to manage all this even in the hardest Czech conditions with frost, snow and ice.

Are you searching for the right impulse to prove something special? The Lipno Ice Marathon is here for you. So put your shoes on and start training. This is not a race for everyone.

For all the winter runners out here we have prepared not only a marathon track but also a 22 km long Half Marathon and a 10 km long track for the young athletes.

You can race in the classical way by running, therefore, wear shoes that are suitable for the winter conditions with ice and snow. Another option - if the weather allows us – is the Freestyle Category, which includes skating, cross country skiing, kiting, ice sailing, and cycling. You can choose one of the above listed types of equipment or you can combine them. The Freestyle Category is simply suitable for all those who love doing sports on ice. So go ahead and start training, time is flying!

All this and much more ... For those who are serious about it!

The starting fee includes accommodation in your own tent near the racing track. In this way you will experience a real adrenaline rush similar to the Antarctic one. Our marathon is just the ticket to a good preparation for the famous Antarctic Ice Marathon. So come and test your stamina!

Don’t hesitate with the registration; the number of participants is limited!

Basic information about the race

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Lipno Naplno
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