What if LIM 2021 does not take place?

18. ledna 2021 - 13. února 2021
 What if LIM 2021 does not take place?
You often ask how it will be with your entry fee if the Lipno Ice Marathon 2021 race does not take place. We have a few answers for you.

Most of you are concerned that due to the situation associated with COVID-19 and the current regulations, the Lipno Ice Marathon 2021 will not take place.
So here are some answers to the most pressing questions:

What if the race doesn't take place at all?

We do not allow such a vaiance at all, we want to organize the race despite all the "sticks under our feet" in accordance with government regulations. All pre-start, start and post-start procedures will most likely be solved online, possibly at a distance, with a veil and individually.

What about my already paid entry fee? Will I lose it?

You will definitely not lose your money. In the case that the race is canceled, we will refund the entry fee paid to you in full. If you want, it is also possible to transfer the entire amount of the entry fee to the next year - 2022 and thus get a straight valid registration for the 7th year of the race.

What can I do to get my entry fee refunded?

In this case, we recommend contacting us on our email with a request to refund the entry fee (or transfer to the next year). In case you would like to keep your entry fee also on our account for the purpose of covering all costs associated with the administration and preparation of the LIM 2021 race and thus support the entire Lipno Ice Marathon race, it is possible.

Is there any possibility, that some variant of the race will take place?

In case it would not be possible to organize the race due to the regulations, we have another variant for you - so we will definitely mark the track. It will be the Lipno Ice Marathon 2021 Training Day. At such a moment, you are still entitled to a refund of your entry fee, because the conditions for participation in Training Day will be completely different.

What does Lipno Ice Marathon 2021 Training Day mean?

Lipno Ice Marathon 2021 Training Day will be in full compliance with the government regulations. The track will be marked and you will be able to register in the system, where you will see your time, location and results compared to other participants. All with your own power and the opportunity to confront your opponents, you will definitely complete the training on our famous track as it should be, you will only "miss the show around".

What do I have to do to participate in Training Day?

You must have a smartphone or watch so that our timekeeper can not only see you, but also measure your performance. On Training Day, you will need to purchase a voucher for your hot tea, broth and a "medal of finisher" at the dispensing window which we will issue to you when you return from the track. The price of this voucher is CZK 200.

How will Training Day go?

We will specify the conditions of the start, participation and definition and marking of the track for you, but because it is not really a race, you are really going to the track at your own risk. Don't worry, we won't leave you in the trouble and when you need help, we will definitely do everything in our power for you. However, rescuers and refreshers will not be present on the track, and unfortunately you will not be announced after returning from the track. The results will be - like everything else - available online. At the dispensing window, you can pick up hot tea, broth and a finisher medal on your voucher.

We welcome any further questions to be answered by others - so don't be afraid to write to our email!


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