Transfer of starting fee

28. ledna 2022 - 12. února 2022
Transfer of starting fee
Those who did not register in time lost their entry fee ... Or at least they lost their cap.
Dear competitors.
Last year, we warned you well in advance that if you want to transfer the entry fee to the next year, you must register by email to receive the code for transferring the entry fee. Who did not do so in due time, the entry fee was used to organize the racing years 2021 and 2022.
We register competitors who have registered for their transfer in time, they registered and we have properly transferred their entry fee.
We understand you may have forgotten, but the rules are the rules. For those of you who did not apply for the transfer of the entry fee in due time, we offer the option of starting in the race, but you will have to buy a cap for this year ....
Thank you for your understanding.
Race Team
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