Training Day - Practical advices

10. února 2021 - 13. února 2021
Training Day - Practical advices
Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day is approaching and many of you are starting to ask quite fundamental questions. Here are some answers.

How will Training Day go?

Simply, like any other Saturday you want to spend doing some sport in nature. The only difference is that you will face the start of a real challenge - overcoming our famous track and this year probably all on the ice.

Is there an organized start?

In a word: NO. Due to government regulations, you should not meet other athletes, so we recommend to plan your start individually according to your needs. The starting point will be marked directly in the Jestřábí campsite. From the point of view of your own safety, we recommend that you should start on the track as soon as possible - to finish the track before nightfall. We recommend the latest start time for slower runners before noon. For the faster marathon runners no later than 13:00. You shouldn't start the marathon track later.

Should I wear antiskid covers or shoes with spikes?

What you put on your feet is entirely up to you, however, this year the track is marked on ice, so you will probably really use them. The surface is slippery under the snow (this is to be expected with ice) and antiskid covers or shoes with spikes will do a lot of traction work for you. Good shoes will be provided by shoes from INOV-8, our new partner of the race, and this year the Training Day event.

What should I have with me?

Thanks to that your performance is controlled using Orgsu timer technology this year, we definitely recommend the phone in a waterproof case, even from the point of view of your safety. If you have problems on the ice, there is nothing easier than calling for help. Due to the absence of a support team, refreshments and rescuers, we recommend having your own refreshments (fresh water, gel, sticks, etc.), spare clothes in a waterproof case and light (headlamp, chemical light, etc.), you can also pack a thermal insulation foil. Also a whistle and ice spikes are good choice in case of emergency and falling through.

YES - it's a backpack full of things and it's definitely not easy to run with it, however the equipment you have with you can save the life of you or anyone else in an emergency. Think first and foremost about your safety, the lust for sport and don't forget to pick up your refreshments and finisher medal at the collecting point - of course only after finishing the track!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Your LIM team!


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