Training Day as an experience

09. února 2021 - 13. února 2021
Training Day as an experience
Dear athletes, as you probably know it's not possible to organize a classic race this yea. So we have prepared a Training Day event for you. What can you expect and what certainly not? More in the article.

What is Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day?

The Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day is an alternative to the race, which cannot take place in the normal mode this year due to a government regulations. So it is a sports activity, where we allow you to register for a virtual race, measure your time on a real track and measure your performance with other athletes. All this individually and in accordance with all regulations against the spread of the disease.

What can I expect on the Training Day track?

Your own sports experience, physical activity in the beautiful Bohemian forest landscape and above all a good feeling from excercise. The event, where you can compare your strengths not only with yourself, but especially with nature. We'll allow you to do sports to the fullest, as if Covid-19 didn't even exist.

What can definitely not be expected on the Training Day track?

Refreshment stations, fans, media and paramedics. All of these is a part of the classic Lipno Ice Marathon race, but since we also have to follow strict regulations, it is not possible to provide you with the service you are used to during the race. Training Day thus becomes basically a rougher variant of the classic race. This time you have to rely only on yourself - on your own refreshments, on your own strength and especially on your own right decisions.

What do I get by finishing Training Day?

A unique feeling of victory - over yourself, over other athletes, over nature, over the harsh conditions of Lipno. And, of course, at the collection point, a medal for finisher, tea, broth and something small for refreshments.

Believe that you get the most valuable thing for us - the feeling that the Lipno Ice Marathon race, even though it is not possible to organize it this year, has its athletes, its fans and, above all, its winners. The winner of the Lipno Ice Marathon and Training Day is everyone who goes on the track and tackle its harsh conditions!


Your Lipno Ice Marathon team

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