The pictures of the track

05. února 2016 - 13. února 2016
The pictures of the track
In Gallery you will find pictures of the new race track. Do not hesitate to see them to better know, what shall you dress up and what kind of shoes you should put on!





We recommend all competitors to see  pictures of new track!

We recommend you to have for the race:

At least two pairs of shoes
2-3 sets of clothing
Personal snack (that's what you're most accustomed yourself - energy gels, magnesium etc.).
Functional charged mobile phone


All commetitors are allowed to have an agreement with their teammates to refresh them during the race and exchange shoes or clothes.  All information and map of the race will be available before the race. We also recommend all competitors to have the cellphone during the race.

Remember that this is an extreme race!

Kemp Jestřábí 1
Lipno Naplno
Šumavský Pramen
Lyže lyže
Svet behu