Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day - Safety

11. února 2021 - 13. února 2021
Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day - Safety
What about safety? Read more!

Dear athletes - questions arise among you whether the ice will be strong enough, safe and what could happen if it was not somewhere ...

We can simply answer this truthfully, so: Anything can happen anywhere, anytime. You will move on natural ice and really at your own risk! There will be no refreshers, support team or rescuers along the track. So please follow our recommendations and get ready for the race as follows:

What should I have with me?

Thanks to that your performance is controlled using Orgsu timer technology this year, we definitely recommend the phone in a waterproof case, even from the point of view of your safety. If you have problems on the ice, there is nothing easier than calling for help. Due to the absence of a support team, refreshments and rescuers, we recommend having your own refreshments (fresh water, gel, sticks, etc.), spare clothes in a waterproof case and light (headlamp, chemical light, etc.), you can also pack a thermal insulation foil. Also a whistle and ice spikes are good choice in case of emergency and falling through.

You can also find useful information on moving on the ice on the Uvodbeznehody website.

The fee of CZK 200 is not the entry fee, it does not provide you with health and rescue supervision, but with a timer service, refreshments and a commemorative finisher medal! Equip yourself enough, safe the necessary emergency numbers in your phone, do not be indifferent in case someone is on the ice in a problem and think mainly about your own safety.

The track is marked on ice near the shore, if in doubt, you can also move on land, but the kilometer sticks are on the ice!

See you on Saturday .... keep your spacing and wear veils!

We look forward to you!

The LIM team

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