Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day

01. února 2021 - 13. února 2021
Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day
As you probably already know, the traditional race will not take place this year due to the situation associated with COVID-19 and the current regulations. But we have a solution for you!

This year will take place in a variant which is in conformity with the government regulations and thus in the form of TRAINING DAY.


The Lipno Ice Marathon Training Day is an alternative to the race, which cannot take place in the normal mode this year due to a government regulations. So it is a sports activity, where we allow you to register for a virtual race, measure your time on a real track and measure your performance with other athletes. All this individually and in accordance with all regulations against the spread of the disease.

How to log in?

On the Registration page you will find a link to register for the Lipo Ice Marathon Training Day. The registration price is CZK 200 and includes refreshments and a finisher medal, which you will receive at the collection point at the start point after completing the track. You can register also here:



How will Training Day go?

13. 2. 2021 there will be a possibility for you to measure your power on the marked track at the start point, which you will have to download in the form of GPX. On Training Day, you will need to have either a smart watch, a smartphone or at least the opportunity to measure your time so that you can provide it to us for inclusion in the database and the result list. Don't worry, after logging into the system, we will guide you through all the steps and settings of the smart devices and you will understand everything very easily and quickly.

What do I need to do to participate in Training Day?

First of all, follow all regulations ordered by the government - in this case, it is primarily a matter of not physically meeting other athletes at a distance of less than 2 meters. You record the start, progress and goal of your performance yourself via a smartphone, smart watch or manually. After completing the track, you will know your result and after the Training Day, you can compare to other athletes. Just in order to have a comparison and to be able to participate in Training Day, you will need to log in to the Orgsu system. The login link you can easily find on page REGISTRATION. After logging in, you will receive all needed instructions available.

I have already registered for the classic race, what will happen to my entry fee?

There are several ways to deal with your already paid entry fee.

1 - We will transfer the entry fee to the next year - 2022 - in this case an information email with a request to transfer the entry fee to the next year will suffice, we will take care of the rest.

2 - We will return the entry fee to the account from which the payment was made - in this case, it is necessary to request a refund of the entry fee by e-mail with the details of the payment.

3 - You can keep your entry fee in the race account to cover the costs associated with its organization. In such a case, we thank you in advance for your support and recognition of the work of all those who participate in the implementation of the race or Training day.

Please be patient these days! We look forward to seeing you on Training day February 13, 2021!

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