Actually for 2022

20. ledna 2022 - 12. února 2022
Actually for 2022
Dear racers! Questions are multiplying: Will there be ice? Will there be a race? Will there be a starting list?
So let's take it in order:
We always know if the ice will be suitable for the race on the Thursday before the start - so about 48 hours before the start we are able to give you valid information about where the race will take place.
The race will be!
The starting list will be - you will find out in time!
However, if there is anyone among you who would like to contribute in any way to the organization of the race, we still welcome volunteers.
We also have bad news - our great photographer Vašek Pancer, whose perfect pictures from previous years you can see on the web, will be photographing Olympians in China this year, so we are looking for a capable photographer who would support our race and perpetuate your performance - if You know someone like that, come here with him! Thank you!
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